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Original Composition & Production

We specialise in creating original tracks and compositions for Advertising, Film & TV. Our team of composers, musicians and producers have a huge range of musical styles covered; anything from cinematic orchestral scores, to roadhouse blues.

We pride ourselves in the diversity of our musical palette and our flexibility in production and budget. Working closely with our clients is how we can ensure the brief and goals of each project are accomplished. 

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Sound Design

Sound Design & SFX

The line between music and sound design is often blurred and heavily misunderstood. If you're not sure what your project needs than let us take care of the confusion!

If you already have music in place, but are looking solely for sound design we have a vast pallet of beds and SFX suitable to add extra life and atmosphere to your project.

We also offer final mix services to integrate SFX into your master track get in touch with our Audio post production section to hear more

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Audio Post Production London Based services

Audio Post-Production

We offer a whole range of Audio Post-production services:

  • V/O & ADR sync
  • Tracklay, SFX & Atmos
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mixing for VR / 3D audio
  • Audio Restoration (bad location sound, or degraded archive sound)

We currently in the process of setting up a larger music studio to work out of, get in touch if you'd like to hear more.

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Creative Strategy, Licensing & Supervision

Hearing is half the story, but sadly it's often overlooked in visually focused productions. If done correctly, the synergy of audio and visual will enhance the emotional impact, story telling and effectiveness of any production. 

Let us take care of that for you. With our music supervision service we specialise in taking the usual list of adjectives and turning it into the perfect track suggestion. Making sure your musical choices heighten the intended message, not confuse it. 

Commissioning a Music Supervisor at the early creative stage can help push your project outside of the expected into new realms of possibilities. We love seeing the boundaries of sound and moving image pushed forward, and we're full of ideas about that. With VR and 3D audio now an affordable reality, it's an exciting time to be pushing the envelope of applied sound and music production. Let's discuss... 

Location Recording

We offer full location sound recording & boom operating services. Our expertise and experience ranges from recording live comedy gigs to a traditional all-female choir in a castle in Montenegro. We have a broad selection of consumer to professional equipment available to hire on request. We are happy to work within the tight budgets and get the job done in the most affordable way. Get in touch to talk rates

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