Arturia announce analog drum machine DrumBrute / by House of Noise

French analog auteurs ARTURIA announced a tasty looking drum machine a few days ago. Along with their previous hardware releases we have a new member for the brute family: DrumBrute. Containing 17 different kit sounds, a 64 step sequencer, a Steiner-Parker filter and a bucket load of connectivity options. Take a look at this demonstrating video from Arturia highlighting some of the sounds on the DrumBrute, and some interpretative dance...

There's some impressive features as you would expect from Arturia, so let's take a look at them all:

17 Pure analog drum sounds

All analog, all the time. Two flavors of kick drums, wide-ranging snare and clap settings, two hi-hats with separate tone and decay controls, and more. The DrumBrute offers a wider sound palette than any other analog drum machine on the market.

64 patterns with up to 64 steps

Easily create your own patterns by using the STEP and ACCENT buttons or play them in real-time from the pads. The looper lets you instantly modify your beat and create real-time pattern effects, making this the perfect performance drum machine.

16 Songs

Make your own song by chaining up to sixteen patterns.


Swing can be global or per drum. This gives your music a feel and groove that will light up the dance floors.


Randomness can be applied to all instruments globally or to individual tracks. This ranges from adding small variations to change the feel, to huge variations generating crazy, random patterns for more experimental music.

Output filter

The Steiner-Parker filter on the output allows you to create interesting sweeps and do on-the-fly tricks like dropping out the bass and emphasizing the highs, ready to kick in the low end at a moment’s notice.

Sync to the world

DrumBrute can sync to external MIDI devices, vintage sequencers using DIN sync, modular synths with 1PPS clock and to a computer via USB. The DrumBrute is made to be the rhythm center of your production setup.

Headphone outputs

3.5mm and 1/4” outputs allow you direct connection with any kind of headphone.

Individual outputs

You can listen to and mix all your drums via the MIX output or you can remove them from the mix by connecting to the individual outs. This allows for external processing of each sound.


With USB, MIDI, and our trademark clock & DIN sync I/O, you can connect to almost any device on the market today.

Pretty spicy right? All this could be yours for €449 which is pretty affordable for a 100% analog drum machine.