Positive Grid AI Drums, "The World's First Artificial Intelligence Drum App" / by House of Noise

"AI Drums will be your best songwriting partner. With a few finger taps, it quickly learns your song structure, BPM, and music style. You can even change the feel of each drummer depending on your personal taste." 

Positive Grid, known for its BIAS range, has announced its new project, AI Drums, making use of the "latest AI technology". 

What Does AI Drums Do?

The software listens to you play and works out drum patterns that best suit your composition. The more you use the software, the more it adapts and learns your preferences. It uses the cloud to offer up drum patterns created by professionals, as well as those created by other Positive Grid users, all available to preview and download!

Can I Customise the Drums?

With thousands of drum kits available to download, you can change every drum component. As well as the virtual kit, you can change mic models and placements, room control, preamp and more. You can even go into further customisation of the pattern, BPM, EQ, genre, structure, and more. 

When will the AI Drums app be available?

Unfortunately, we only know that AI drums is coming soon, but you can sign up for updates from the sites here and join the beta program for a free preview. It looks like potentially a very useful tool to help the songwriting process!