Roland 909 Day new product launches / by House of Noise

What's all the fuss about Roland's 909 day?

Roland tried to (pretty successfully) create a lot of buzz around it's new products this year, and who can blame them? Their recent creations have been exciting takes on their classic products for example last years Tr-8 being a combination of the sounds and vibe of the Tr-808 and TR-909 drum machines. 

On September 9th Roland announced 30 new products! Over a 24 hour period they slowly teased their way into the public realm. Here's some of the highlights we think look the best:

Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer

Now available as part of their boutique series we have the classic reissue of the 909 - the Tr-09 Rythm Composer. It features the same front panel and layout of the classic machine powered by ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) technology, which means it isn't classic analog but a digital emulation. It sounds pretty spot on though. It has a trigger out port to use the machine with other modular synths and 4 channels of audio available of USB and of course USB midi. Click on the image to see the full specs. 

Roland TB-03 Bass Line

Roland's classic Bass synth the TB-303 has had another reboot and is used on a hell of a lot of classic dance and acid house tunes. Again it uses the ABC technology and has the classic looks of the original. It has midi out/in audio output, mix input, can be used as an audio interface and has the option of being battery powered! Click the image to get the full specs from Roland.

ARIA System-8 Synthesizer

Perhaps the most exciting mix of old and new technology can be found in ARIA's System-8 Synthesizer. Taking Roland's successful "Plug Out" technology it allows soft synths to be downloaded and played without the need for a computer. The synth comes pre-loaded with classic emulations of the Jupiter 8 and the Juno 106. It's Polyphonic, has a 16 step sequencer, has CV/gate outs so it works with other analog hardware. Click the picture to read the full specs from Roland

Roland / Serato DJ 808

Roland's calling it "The first and only instrument for the producer DJ", basically it's a state of the art DJ controller with built-in drum sounds and a sequencer. It has a voice transformer to match the pitch of your Serato tracks  and you can link other AIRA products to produce live mixes with synths as well as drums!