Slate Digital announce new products at AES Los Angeles Conference / by House of Noise

The annual AES conference has become the place for all the big music production companies to showcase and announce their latest products. Taking place in LA this year from Sep 29th - Oct 2nd at the Los Angeles Convention center. on show they have; "Tools of the trade, breaking research, theory and application, historical perspective, student competitions and career development ­– presented by the best minds in audio"

Slate Digital make 4 new AES gear announcements

Slate & D16 Repeater Plugin

Not technically a new announcement but we get more details than previously released on Steven slate's impressive looking delay plugin the D16 Repeater. Aimed to recreate 23 classic delay units (think space echo etc) this release is in combination with D16 who also make some impressive plugins. Here's a little video from Stephen explaining the vibe of the unit: 

Next up Slate has announced a Distressor style plugin (think of the classic empirical labs model you see in every studio ever) 

Slate FG-Stress Plugin

An official recreation of the Empirical Labs Distressor, it's currently in the last stage of production and on it's way to everything bundle users very soon. The Distressor is one of the most sort after plugins as the hardware unit can be quite pricey. Check out the video explaining more here: 

The last announcement we have is the first reverb plugin from Slate Digital (other than the Relab 480 they give away with the everything bundle)

Slate & Liquidsonics Verbsuite Reverb Plugin

Another collaboration this time with Liquidsonics we have Verbsuite; 8 classic digital reverb plugins all in one plugin. VerbSuite Classics captures the actual tone and modulation characteristics of a reverb using LiquidSonics' proprietary Fusion-IR processing technology. Unlike static impulse responses found in a typical convolution reverb, Fusion-IRs are able to reproduce the evolving character of modulated digital reverbs which makes it possible to create the lively and convincing acoustic spaces. Check out more here:

Slate are slowly trying to close the gap on providing every possible plugin you could need for music production/mixing. With one more announcement set for the AES conference, Steven and his team definitely has everybody's attention!