Spectrasonics Keyscape Collectors Keyboards / by House of Noise

You may have heard the Spectrasonics name before. They are the guys behind the legendary Omnisphere used on many many popular tracks and loved by producers and musicians alike. They have a new product out called Keyscape, and it's aiming to be the only keyboard VST you'll ever need. 

What is Spectrasonics Keyscape?

Keyscape is a new virtual instrument featuring the largest collection of keyboards in the world from grand piano's to bizzare e-pianos you've never heard of. The plug-in has apparently taken 10 years to make so you can believe they've put a lot of effort into making it sound as realistic and awesome as possible.

What keyboards come with Keyscape?

Here's the full list with links to all the keyboards that were sampled for Keyscape. All of the sounds can be blended and altered with many different parameters:

LA Custom C7 Grand Piano

Wing Upright Piano

Wing Tack Piano

Rhodes® - Classic Mark I

Rhodes® - LA Custom ”E”

Vintage Vibe® Electric Piano

Wurlitzer® 140B

Wurlitzer® 200A

Electric Grand CP-70

Pianet M

Pianet N

Pianet T

Weltmeister® Claviset




Clavinet® C

Clavinet®-Pianet DUO

Vintage Vibe® Vibanet



Electric Harpsichord®

Mini Student Butterfly Piano

Rhodes® 1946 Pre-Piano

Toy Piano - Classic

Toy Piano - Glock

Toy Piano - Grand

Toy Piano - Saucer Bell


Rhodes® Piano Bass

Vintage Vibe® Tine Bass

Weltmeister® Basset 1

Weltmeister® Basset 2

MKS-20 Digital Piano

MK-80 Digital Rhodes®

JD-800 Crystal Rhodes®

Can I use Keyscape on a Mac OSX or PC?

Keyscape works with PC and Mac here's all the specs:


• 2.2 GHz Intel dual core processor or higher
• 8GB RAM minimum
• Solid State Drive recommended
• 80 GB of free hard drive space (30 GB for lite install)

Mac Users:

• OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher
• AU, VST 2.4 or AAX-capable host software
• Native 64-bit host

Windows Users:

• Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
• VST 2.4 or AAX-capable host software
• Native 64-bit host

Can I use Keyscape with Omnisphere?

You can browse all the Keyscape wounds within Omnisphere 2, all the keyboards simply appear as a library within the Omnisphere browser this means you can combine Keyscape sounds with Omnisphere sounds for an unfathomable synth odyssey of sound! 

How much does Keyscape cost? Is there a demo version?

Keyscape retails at €349 they don't offer demo versions as the VST is so large to download. You can request a live demo from an authorised dealer! Just find one near you and give them an email/call to try out some of the awesome sounds in store. Check the authorized dealer's site here: https://www.spectrasonics.net/sales/dealers.php