Online music and audio recording studio 'Soundtrap' by House of Noise


What is Soundtrap?

Soundtrap, the online music studio, has been gaining a lot of traction recently having just received $6 million dollars in Series A funding. It's a cloud-based music and audio recording studio that is essentially a multiplaftorm freeware version of garageband that can be used across IOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows. It's a great little tool for music making that currently has a lot of users in the education system being an official Google for Education Partner.

Is Soundtrap free? 

There's a lot of features you'd expect from a traditional DAW included in the free version, but if you want to take your projects a bit further and gain more advanced features like Autotune (by Antares nonetheless), Guitar / Bass amp rigs and video collaboration, you can pay for the premium ($9.59 a month) or pro ($4.79 a month) versions. Here's a little video from Soundtrap to explain more: 

Along with the ability to create your own songs, you can post them to your public profile and communicate with other users, opening up possibilities for collaborations and getting your music heard. Check out more info over on the Soundtrap website: 

Soundtoys release new EQ plugin - Sie-Q by House of Noise

It's been a while since Soundtoys have announced a new plugin, and taking exception from their past releases they've gone ahead and made an EQ plugin! It's free for a limited time only. 

It's a 60's style EQ that is free until October 13, but if you already a proud owner of a V5 bundle it's free forever. Their servers went a bit mad as you'd expect on release, but you can now download from:

It's modelled on the classic German Siemens W295b eq, here's a picture in case you're wondering how close the recreation is. It's known for having a fat, well rounded sound:


If you're a V5 bundle owner expect some more upgrades included in the bundle on download:

  • New Gear Stream notifier
  • Integrated bypass button
  • Integrated help menus
  • New Effect Rack presets that use Sie-Q
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Expect the usual great quality from the Soundtoys gang, the annual AES conference is happening right now so expect some big plugin announcements over the next few days!