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IK Multimedia launch 'iLoud Micro Monitors' - ultra compact, highly portable, studio reference monitors by House of Noise

IK Multimedia have launched a lot of exciting new products recently, most of which are aimed at the 'musician on the go'. Those of us who want to be able to record, mix, and compose on the go, anytime, anywhere. 

Their new iLoud Micro Monitors are precisely in this realm; truly portable, compact studio reference monitors. They are the smallest active studio monitors available on the market at the moment, offering class D power amplifiers giving 50w RMS and pretty decent low-end response down to 55hz. Each monitor comes with a 3/4" silk dome tweeter and a 3" woofer.

What's the specification of the iLoud Micro Monitors?

Here's a list of all the specs you need to know if you're thinking about purchasing:

Professional reference-quality sound

  • Advanced digital control with 56-bit DSP, controlled diffraction / low resonance enclosure and time-aligned crossover, deliver superior audio with ultra-linear frequency response.
  • Powerful Class D bi-amplification system (50W RMS) provides plenty of headroom with lightning-fast transient response.
  • High-rigidity custom composite material woofer plus large flare bass reflex port produces “best in class” bass response down to 55Hz.
  • High-quality woofer and tweeter — like ones found in high-end systems — without the high-end price.


  • The smallest footprint of any reference quality studio monitor system.
  • Fits anywhere — provides high-definition monitoring in the tightest spaces.
  • Can be placed closer to you than other monitors reducing the effects of room reflections and standing waves.
  • The first monitor system you can easily carry with you anywhere you go.

Flexible placement and connections

  • Desktop or monitor stand placement with selectable EQ correction and adjustable integrated isolation base optimized for your setup.
  • Mounts on regular mic stands for free-field positioning with no need for additional accessories.
  • Wired connection with 1/8” stereo mini-jack and RCA inputs for recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for listening to your music anywhere

What connections does the iLoud Micro Monitor have?

As you can see from the above picture there's plenty of connection options on the iLoud's. Phono, TRS 1/8" stereo and Bluetooth meaning it's very flexible for all kinds of music making, with or without an interface. They only weigh 1.7kg, and will easily slide into a backpack with your interface and a pair of headphones for mixing on the go. 

You can order the speakers directly from IK multimedia now for €365.99 direct from IK multimedia.