Aer Lingus // Ireland V All Blacks / by House of Noise


"Ireland V All Blacks. We've clashed many times since 1905. Victory still awaits. On November 5th we write the next chapter.

We found Irish players and fans who tasted victory over New Zealand, to bring Home Advantage to Chicago - Tony Ward, Fiona Coughlan and Max Deegan."

Our latest project was scoring a little film for Irish Rugby and Aer Lingus, directed by the crazy-talented Craig Bingham. With a relatively quick turn-around calling for something orchestral, filmic and string heavy, we got straight on the phone to Rosalind Asprey and Tim Gardner for some silky smooth Cello and Violin vibes. They did not disappoint!

For all the terabytes of immaculately sampled orchestral instruments we've built up over the years, nothing get's the emotion flowing like a real bow across real strings, vibrating and moving the air in a real room. Hopefully, you can hear and feel the difference!

Thanks to Rosalind and Tim for their expertise, and to Craig for having us on the project. We can't wait for the next excuse to score and record some live strings again sometime soon. 

Directed by / Craig Bingham
Produced by / Jon Mealing

Creative Agency / Rothco (Dublin)
Grade and Soundmix / Raygun (Dublin)
Management / OB Management
Music Composed by / Gus Collins / House of Noise
Cello / Rosalind Asprey
Violin / Tim Gardner

November 1st, 2016