BYSJU // Aries Campaign / by Gus Collins

"BYSJU is a contemporary hat brand based in London. Our designs are inspired by the fusion of the traditional and the contemporary."

We love a bit of headwear here at HoN, so you can imagine our delight at scoring this wonderful film for BYSJU! 

Giving the film space was at the forefront of this brief. We decided to focus on subtle soundscapes for the opening shots helping to define each character and their environment. As the narrative progresses, the organic elements blur with contemporary textures to build towards the climax of the film. 

The Aries Collection Campaign, by Evelyn Bencicova, was shot Dungeness, Kent. 

Client / BYSJU
Producer /
Director / Ozzie Pullin
Music Composed by / Gus Collins / House of Noise
Photography / Evelyn Bencicova
Styling / Domenico Landolfi
Hair & Make Up / Katie Moore