Tandem // Partizan / by House of Noise

"Our Co-Founders are crucial in our mission. They ask the questions we should all be asking. They stand up - and aren't afraid to point fingers. We get in a room with them. We ask the really big questions. And then we solve them over a cold beer. (It's thirsty work)."

We've been getting our Mr. Scruff vibe on for Tandem, a "good bank". Tandem are all about their Co-Founders, non-banky people who want to build a better bank. We got together with Ozzie from Partizan and created this track. I mean, everybody likes a bit of upright bass and vinyl scratch right?

Tape That, a tape art collective from Berlin, crafted the stunning art piece and helped design the credit card. 

Directed by / Ozzie Pullin
Production / Jason Oakley / Partizan
Creative Agency / Mr. President
Client / Tandem Bank
Music Composed by / House of Noise

April 11th, 2016