The Body Shop // Elixirs of Nature / by William Berger

It's the summer of 2016. London's air is pretty stifling and we all kind of wish we were somewhere else. Somewhere like Switzerland, or maybe The Western Cape of South Africa. Yeah. That'd do it. 

The Body Shop have launched 5 new fragrances harnessing the planet's rare and precious scents. Headspace Technology, a way of extracting the essence from the plant species without causing harm, fits in line with The Body Shop Enrich not Exploit Commitment.  

Mr President got in touch for us to score the film bringing us our favourite music brief to date...

[Drums]"Thick. Thick like a plate of yams with extra syrup."

Whilst we're not going on a summer holiday, we hope it'll make you feel good in this heat.

Creative Agency / Mr. President
Client / The Body Shop
Music Composed by / House of Noise

September 6th, 2016