The Body Shop // Jungle Bells / by William Berger

Halloween has passed and we've had our fill of fireworks. Now we look forward to the festive season and the campaigns brands bring out for this feel good time of year.

We've already had a rather tropical Christmas here at House of Noise working on The Body Shop's #JungleBells. It's the first global campaign since their "Enrich Not Exploit" commitment has launched and we're thrilled to have been asked aboard. We provided the musical arrangement for the various, hilarious animals to lend their vocals too.  

We had a lot of fun reworking the festive classic with a more 'jungle' tone. Listen out for the marimba and ukulele taking centre stage, but we couldn't resist adding in some sleigh bells for good measure.

As well as the #JungleBells video, we also provided sound mixes for the campaign. These short videos showcase some of the The Body Shop's range of products and their ongoing commitment against animal cruelty. 

Be sure to check out The Body Shop's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds for more of these!

Thanks to creative team at Mr. President for having us along. 

Creative Agency / Mr. President
Client / The Body Shop
"Jungle Bells" / Music Arranged by / House of Noise

"Secret Santa" / Mixed by / House of Noise

November 7th, 2016