You Are Your Only Limit // Strong 101 by William Berger

"You Are Your Only Limit" is a short film from the ever-talented, Craig Bingham. It focusses on athlete Gaz Firm and his transition from MMA to Cross-fit. Here's what he says:

"Its hard to know the difference between pushing yourself to become stronger, and pushing yourself over the limit in a destructive manner. Simply walking away from your career is never easy, you can't prepare yourself for something like that."

This project was a great excuse to call on the wonderful creative talent of our cellist, Rosalind Asprey. We love using live strings where possible and thanks to Craig for such a great creative brief!

We wanted to create a track that gave the narrative enough space to be told by the great visuals. However, where necessary, we wanted to inject some pace and reality into the piece with specific sound design. Whether it was breathing, a movement or a just general atmosphere we wanted to isolate these specific sounds to emphasis desired moments.

Still from "You Are Your Only Limit", a film by Craig Bingham.

Still from "You Are Your Only Limit", a film by Craig Bingham.

Sometimes it's not always possible to have immaculate sound quality, especially when it's coming from different sources, a live broadcast, phone audio or a busy gym all have there own complexities.

So what did we do? 

In most cases, we cleaned up the audio where we could and removed any distracting noise from each clip. But, where we didn't have any audio, we recreated the sounds here at HON. I won't tell you which ones, but I will say that the press-up only took a couple of takes!


An Independent Film by / Craig Bingham
Music Composed by / House of Noise

Cello / Rosalind Asprey
Audio Post-Production & Sound Design / House of Noise